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Driving Innovation through Digital Transformation and Machine Learning

Welcome to Sofiya AI, Where Cloud Expertise Meets Machine Learning Mastery!
We are a dynamic team of seasoned professionals dedicated to shaping the future of technology.
Our specialization lies in cloud infrastructure automation and machine learning, offering innovative solutions to propel your business forward.
Let us guide your journey to efficiency, scalability, and data-driven success.

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Our Software Consulting and Development studio offers the following services

Cloud Infrastructure Automation and Optimization

Our expert team will conduct a thorough deep dive into your unique business case and infrastructure, ensuring that we recommend the most effective and tailored solutions. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and hello to innovation that meets your precise needs. Elevate your business to new heights with our data-driven, customized recommendations. It's time to optimize, streamline, and thrive – partner with us today!

AI Model Training with Custom Data

Empower your business by tapping into the power of AI models trained exclusively on your company's data. Crafted to your needs, our service enhances decision-making, boosts efficiency, and unlocks new possibilities.

Web and Mobile Application Development

Elevate your digital presence with our expert development team. From responsive web applications to cutting-edge mobile apps, we transform your vision into reality. Stay ahead in the digital era with our customized solutions.


Key Consulting Areas

Cloud Computing and Generative AI

We can help your business accelerate its processes and optimize its costs via digital transformation.

Optimize the utilization of public cloud infrastructure to minimize unnecessary costs.

Automate repetitive work by feeding your data into Generative AI models.

Transform you ideas into working software - web applications, tools, etc, using latest programming technologies.

Initiate and Analyze

We will make a series of Workshops remotely with business stakeholders to identify requirements, soft and hard environment constraints and outline integration design.

After analysis, we will offer you a comprehensive package tailored to your specific needs.


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